Horse Training

At Lonesum D we focus on making a solid foundation based on trust and respect. We try to use the horses natural instincts to create a bond or a relationship that a horse can clearly understand.

All horses have their own unique personality, because of this, horse training doesn't follow a cookie cutter pattern. So we take our time to ensure the horse understands the first step before moving on to the next.

We believe that horsemanship, or the communication between horse and rider, is the most important thing you can work on. It doesn't matter what event or discipline you do. If you can improve your horsemanship, it will improve your performance and give you a better experience, whether you are a competitor or non competitive trail rider

We have a 4 month minimum training on any horse.

Please make sure your horse has had a flu shot two weeks prior to bringing it for training

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  How long should I leave my horse in training?
  Becoming a horseman means you never stop learning and growing

"Not everyone who likes horses should own or ride them, yet everyone who owns and rides them should like them."                                          

Gwynn Turnbull Weaver    

"It's real surprising how few horsemen ever bother to encourage a horse or give him praise. They jest stick to using hard words when he's done wrong. They never realize a horse likes praise and responds to it jest like he responds to being  found fault with. A horse that feels his man's really his friend'll work hard for praise and take pleasure in deserving it."

Richard Adams in "traveler," the story of the civil war told through the eyes of Robert E. Lee's horse