Dog video's

Indy x Zeke's pups May 2017

Badger x Wesley Pups May 2017

Sweety, Junior and Wolseley playing in the sand. Summer of 2016

Hanging out after Swimming. Summer of 2016

Puppies June 2014

Iris and Areo's pups June 2014

Jenny and Pepto Puppies June 2014

Suzanna and Stetson Puppies June 2014

Hazie and Murphy's pups June 2014

Dogs winter of 2014 (Starring Mia, MSAR Service dog)

Poppy x Pepto puppies Dec 2014

Garcia and Hazer pups Jan 2013

Poppie and Brinkley's pups Jan 2013

Poppie & Brinkley's pups June 2011

Crocus and Bailey's pups May 2013

Daisy and Biscuit's puppies Feb 2011

Second Generation Croc Wrestlers Jan 2011

Shade and Max's pups Dec 2011

Molly & Bailey's pups Dec 2011

Caramel & Levi pups Oct 2011

Violet and Murphy's pups May 2011

Hershey and Tucker's pups May 2011

Puppies! Oct 2009

A Summer Day at Lonesum D Oct 2009

Austrailian Croc Wrestlers Jan 2009