Lonesum D Ranch raising, training and selling safe horses. Breeders of Toy, Mini and Standard Australian Shepherds
Welcome to Lonesum D Ranch. Grunthal, MB. Canada




Naomi, Jennette, Jess, Pearl, Don, Joel & Tamara  


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Click here to watch Jess's winning run at the 2012 60 Day Trainer's Challenge

Click here to watch Jess's winning run at the 2010 60 Day Trainer's Challenge

To see more of Jess's and Tamara's Video's of the 60 Day Challenges, see Horse video's page


At Lonesum D Ranch, we take pride in raising quality Aussies. Our top priorities are good conformation and sweet temperaments. We are firm believers in good nutrition, and feed our dogs a natural raw diet.

Click here to see Cully's progress

(Cully is in Naomi's arms in the picture above)

Click here to see more Service Dog Videos


Don was a farrier for 15 Years, He trained in Oklahoma under Bud Beaston. He spent a lot of time with horses and learned to read them. When you spend that much time under a horse, you learn to understand a little about horse nature and how to communicate with them

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Grunthal, MB
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