Cesar Millan Episodes


"When someone gets to have the privilege of raising a dog from the beginning, which, meaning, taking the dog from the parents, or the mother, then you have to play that role, the role of the pack leader and take the leader position right away."

"People get to own a cute dog and they disregard physiological activities, rules, boundaries, limitations and they [the dog] get to own the house in a matter of a few months"

The walk has a BIG meaning for the dog.
The walk allows the dog to have a balanced state of mind and the human becomes empowered and seen as the leader.

  • Dogs need to EARN affection
  • NEVER ever give affection when a dog is fearful, aggressive or excited
  • There is NO excuse for aggression
  • Not doing anything about aggressive/excited/fearful behavior is nurturing that behavior

Walking a Dog

Passing By

Obessed with Objects

Claiming an Object

How to raise the perfect dog


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