Toy and Mini Australian Shepherd Males
NOTE: We do NOT cross our Aussies with other dogs to get the Toy & Mini Aussies. Toy & Mini Aussies are typical Aussies trapped in small bodies. They would love to pitch in with the big Aussies when they are working livestock.                        

Lonesum D's Tom Sawyer aka Sawyer

15" Black Tri Mini

I'm laid back and low energy. I'm very friendly, sweet natured and sensitive. I make the most AWESOME babies in the world!

Lonesum D's As You Wish aka Wesley

12" Black Tri Toy w/1 Blue eye

I'm super sweet and love to cuddle. My favorite thing in the world is to be held. I'm medium/low energy. I stamp my babies with a really pretty face.


Lonesum D's Lil Banjo Boy aka Banjo

12" Blue Merle Toy

I'm super duper friendly and affectionate. I LOVE to cuddle. I'm outgoing and active, but not hyper.

Down Under Dandy Elmo aka Elmo

14" Red Merle Toy with Blue eyes

I love everyone I meet and I've never met a stranger yet. I play hard and I sleep hard. I pass my great deposition and loving personality onto my pups.

Lonesum D's Zeke aka Zeke

13" Blue Merle Toy w/copper and Blue eyes.

I'm a beautiful stocky boy with good bone and I pass that onto my babies. I'm Mia's 1/2 brother. She is a PTSD Service dog. You can find more info about her on our Service Dogs page.